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“This astounding versatility,
both in terms of content and execution, makes Sandra Morellato
a truly original artist, one fully engaged in art and life,
the two inexorably intertwined.”


- Dorota Kozinska,

   art critic, 2017 *

Born in Montreal to a family of Veneto origin, I had the great privilege to return to Italy from the time I was a young child. The colors and textures of the landscapes in this country had a profound effect on my appreciation of such beauty. 


Having completed my degree in Architecture from McGill University, I was trained to draw landscapes and cityscapes throughout my studies - many a time while sitting on a sidewalk to "capture the essence" of the location. Always one to draw and paint, I am now dedicating my time to a great passion: art. I work mostly from my studio at home in Montreal and attend painting and live model classes. My many loves (sports, travel and dogs) find their way into my work which can be found in international collections and public spaces. 


All works on this site are copyright & property of Sandra Morellato. No work shall be printed or used without the artist's consent. 

* Dorota Kozinska is a Montreal-based international writer, art critic and an independent curator.



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